Really useful advice for selling high-end crafts and art online

More and more designer makers are selling their work online – via their own website, with specialist online boutiques and shops, or with one of the popular online market places like Etsy, Folksy or others.

But what do you do if your work is high end, high quality and unique?  Will people buy expensive crafts and handmade products online without seeing it?

The Design Trust asked 11 creatives, online selling experts, various online market places, an art expert, and various online shops and boutiques. A wide variety – from  individual creatives to some of the largest online market places in the world.  Although some of the advice obviously overlaps it is great to see their advice from their own perspective.

Some great learning:

what might be ‘expensive’ to one person on one online market place, isn’t expensive at all to somebody else on another site!

See their blog post for a real wealth of practical advice that you can use if you want to sell more expensive, high value crafts online.
by Laura Youngson Coll

One thought on “Really useful advice for selling high-end crafts and art online

  1. Harriet @ BlackCountryLocal February 19, 2013 / 2:04 pm

    There’s been many online shop platforms that you can use to support your valuable and expensive crafts online. and is a good start.


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